Monday, September 26, 2011 obsolete in 2 years from now

The early browser expected you to type the full URL of the website you wanted to open. But soon, you could conveniently omit the protocol part (http://). And nowadays, you don't even need to type the triple w. Just typing "" is all you need to do to open your facebook homepage. Moreover, your browser will probably suggest after pressing the "f". Which, in effect, officially makes facebook, the f-site, doesn't it? ;-). But that's a bit beside my point.

The point is that, soon, your browser will assume you mean to open "", when you simply type "/pepsi" in your browser's address bar. Think about it. Commercials on TV and radio recently are pointing intended customers to a facebook page in stead of a website address more and more. "www." has already become obsolete. Facebook has over 800 million users, and about half of them are online at any time. Facebook is where the major audience for many brands is.

In short: I predict that within 2 years, browsers will assume that is the root of the world wide web and that you can simply type "/mnankman" to open my own facebook page. Mark my words.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Looks like I need a Galaxy Note

Some time ago, I was asking myself who on earth would need a tablet. I came to the conclusion that I, for one, don't need a tablet as long as it isn't capable of providing obviously expected and basic functions such as a realistic, reliable and durable hand writing/drawing function and an easy search function for quickly finding back my notes and drawings.

But then I read this hands-on item about the Samsung Galaxy Note. I must say that it looks very promising. The size seems just about right: big enough to take your notes and small enough to still fit in your pocket. And moreover, it provides a promising handwriting function complete with pressure sensitivity. Not bad! This requires further research, so Samsung, if you please, send me Note for further reviewing (big smile).